Streamline your grant applications with ease

Grant Assist is an AI-powered assistant that automates the grant application process, saving you time and increasing your chances of success

Time-saving assistant
Expert guidance
Kevin Clark

“Grant Assist has made the grant application process so much easier for me. It saves me hours of work and helps me submit more polished applications.”

Kevin Clark

Grant Assist

Save time and effort

Grant Assist automates the process of filling in grant applications, saving you valuable time and effort. Focus on your project, while Grant Assist takes care of the paperwork.

Save time and effort

Increase your chances of success

With Grant Assist, you can ensure that your grant applications are complete and accurate. The AI-powered assistant helps you identify any missing information or errors, increasing your chances of securing funding.

Increase your chances of success

Access expert guidance

Grant Assist provides expert guidance throughout the grant application process. Benefit from AI-powered suggestions and recommendations to improve your application and maximize your chances of success.

Access expert guidance

"Mina combines expertise and efficiency with a lively approach. A superb communicator, he listens attentively and respects deadlines. Always reachable, Mina's presence enhanced our experience. He's truly an asset to any team."

Ramin Tajallipour


How much does it cost?

Our Advanced Support package is priced at $2,500 per grant, which includes comprehensive grant research, strategy development, and professional grant writing services.

Our Comprehensive Support package is available at $4,000 per grant. This option provides everything included in the Advanced Support, with added benefits of ongoing consultations and revisions to increase your chances of success.

How does it work?

Here's a simplified snapshot of how it works:

1) You fill out a form detailing what kind of grant you're applying for and what you need the funds for.

2) We discuss any immediate needs or deadlines. You provide the grant application.

3) My AI tool, Grant Assist, and I work together to draft a highly optimized grant proposal.

4) You receive the finalized proposal the next day, ready for submission!

If you're curious or if there's anyone in your network who could benefit from this, I'd love to guide them through the process. They can start here: and set up a call with me here:

What types of grants does Grant Assist specialize in? Are there specific sectors or industries where it has more experience or success?

At the moment, we're focusing our efforts on all grants offered by Alberta Innovates. We're well-versed in their requirements and have a strong track record in this area.

How does the AI-powered assistant work? What kind of technology is it based on and how does it help improve the grant application process?

We've trained Grant Assist using a wealth of data from Alberta Innovates. This includes successful grant applications, annual reports, online publications, and much more. This allows Grant Assist to craft top-notch applications.

Can Grant Assist help with grants for non-profit organizations, or is it primarily focused on business grants?

Absolutely, Grant Assist can be a game-changer for non-profit fundraising grants. Just remember, many non-profit grants are relationship-based. So, it's a good idea to build a solid relationship with the grantor and ask for their help in writing the grant.

How does Grant Assist handle confidentiality and data security? Can I be sure that my sensitive information will be protected?

We work with many startups and understand the importance of confidentiality. If you need us to sign an NDA, we're more than happy to do so. Rest assured, we'll treat your information with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

Are there any additional services or support provided after the grant application is submitted, such as follow-up with grant agencies or assistance with grant reporting if the grant is awarded?

We do offer follow-up reporting and other services for an additional fee. Check out our FAQ section on Cost for more details.

Can Grant Assist help with identifying suitable grant opportunities, or do I need to provide the grant applications?

While we don't typically source grants, we're open to discussing this with you. Our preference is for you to find the grant, but we're flexible.

What is the turnaround time for the grant proposal once I provide all the necessary information?

Once we have all the necessary information, you'll have your grant proposal in your hands within 24 hours. We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time.

What is the success rate of grant applications submitted with the help of Grant Assist?

While we can't guarantee a successful grant application, we can assure you that Grant Assist will boost your chances of success by 85%. Our focus is to ensure that your grant answers are at least 85% accurate and optimized for success.

Simplify grant applications with Grant Assist.

“Mina's genuine care and curiosity is noteworthy as he always exceeds expectations. In 2019, he served as our expert grant writer, helping secure funds for a complex community centre renovation. He simplified the process, skillfully navigated stakeholder interviews, and made crucial recommendations that ensured successful funding. Mina's timely assistance proved invaluable for our community project. Any entity, business or non-profit, would benefit greatly from his service. Highly recommended for your upcoming projects.” - Meron Mekonnen

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